About Yoyo

Find out how we’re transforming the relationship between retailers and their customers.

Who we are

Yoyo is the fastest growing mobile wallet in Europe. As a consumer, that means you can use Yoyo for secure mobile payment, automated loyalty and digital receipt collection whilst also receiving offers personalised to what you buy along and using wider functions like pre-ordering.

Put simply, we’re taking technological advancements and revolutionising the brick and mortar retail experience for retailers and their customers.

Now in its 4th year you can use Yoyo across high streets, universities and corporate locations.

For Shoppers

Yoyo is a sleek, easy-to-use app that allows fast, secure mobile payment, automatic loyalty collection on every purchase and offers and brand interactions personalised to previous purchasing behaviour.

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For Retailers

Yoyo takes customer identification, previously the domain of only the biggest brands, and democratises it.

Through Yoyo, retailers can identify every customer at the point-of-sale and connect them to their SKU data, turning anonymous shoppers into individuals with purchasing preferences and habits. From here, we provide a platform to analyse, segment and engage.

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